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IT Staffing Solutions customized to your specific needs and budget. TEG has the ability to deliver quality staffing services to our customers at affordable, timely, on an as needed or volume basis, when and where you need them.

We pride ourselves on or ability to locate and qualify experienced contract IT rofessionals. Hiring for contract roles is quite different than hiring for perm full time positions.

You need an IT professional who can step right in, hit the ground running, can adapt quickly, doesn't watch the clock, who communicates in a professional manner both verbal and written, and is sensitive to your cost and expense budget. There is no investment in training for consultants, you need what they know, now. There is no worry of benefits, bonuses,unemployment insurance building up. 

teg3We listen, we ask and we inform our recruiting team of the primary skills, technical skills and soft skills and we initiate our candidate search. The more proactive we can be with a customer, the better the pipeline of candidates that will be available at interview and hiring time. The TEG account management team is constantly in communication with the client representative to get a strong forecast of hiring activity so we are prepared in advance, and not being reactive.

TEG utilizes a second to none recruitment process to ensure we get the best candidates available. We have over 27 avenues of sourcing but it all begins within our own personal network of candidates in our Taleo database.  Upon identifying some potential matches, the TEG recruiters will prescreen, detail, and present candidates to TEG management who will then conduct a TEG Management Interview.  If all goes well, references are checked, technical interviews accomplished and resumes and detail backgrounds are formatted for customer presentation.

Within the detailed and management interviews, soft skills such as adaptability, communication, customer facing writing, listening and professionalism are all evaluated.

TEG will only present its two to three best candidates at one time. There is no reason to bombard a client with a volume of resumes to have them do our job. We are that confident in our screening abilities.

TEG categorizes pure consulting services, option to hire, and outsourcing of projects into our contract positions.

We have over 98% repeat business with our clientele, and it is truly because we perform and we succeed for our customers.  Due to our size, we have the flexibility to make situations work with a solution that is beneficial to all parties: client, candidate and TEG.  Additionally, TEG does not maintain extensive overhead costs and this is reflected in our billing rates to the end client.

So if you just need additional specific subject matter expertise, have unexpected employee turnover or medical leave of absence, are requiring niche specialty skills for a short duration, have planned growth, are involved in an acquisition or merger, or just wish to increase the percentage of consultants to full time employees, TEG has the solution for you.

Our cost, recruiting database, recruiting process, flexibility and experience in the IT Staffing industry will ensure you meet your bottom line while achieving and exceeding your business objectives.