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IT Staffing Solutions customized to your specific needs and budget. TEG has the ability to deliver quality staffing services to our customers at affordable, timely, on an as needed or volume basis, when and where you need them.

Are you tired of sifting through the endless piles of resumes? Have you had to cut back in your recruiting staff? Are you just not finding the right candidate to fill your open role?

Do you need outside assistance in locating qualified IT Staff due to the need to staff in volume? Unexpected turnover? Or have some very difficult to locate subject matter expertise?

teg2Look no more, pick up the phone and call TEG Global.  Whether you are needing Project Managers, PMO's, Directors, functional or technical resources, specialty niche technical skill sets, or a number of resources based on a new project or implementation, TEG can assist your full time employee staffing needs across the globe. Your read that correctly, we have placed people in China, UK, Mexico, South America, Netherlands, Canada and of course all across the United States.

TEG knows the difference in hiring permanent full time staff for our clients versus hiring temporary staff augmentation, and there is a HUGE difference.

Let's talk about it.  We'll ask questions and we will listen to how you respond as we build our job search requirement.

The TEG staffing team will want to know about your corporate culture, the soft skills required to be a successful employee, your turnover and what seems to be the issues, your employee bonus programs, employee benefits, travel requirements, employee training & certification, compensation and bonus plans and advancement opportunities within the organization, so we can provide the highest level of efficiency in meeting your staffing objectives.

TEG Global has a 90 day guarantee for all perm placements and our fees are established based upon the depth of qualification, volume and exclusivity rights granted to TEG.

We will conduct a Derrico Computer unbiased technical interview, 3 management references, a background check and even drug testing if required.